Website Features

Below is our list of current website features. Please note that this list is growing all the time as we develop more and more features, and if you cannot see something you want, just ask us and we will develop it for your Parish Council website at no additional cost. We have also created an example website which includes nearly all of our Standard and Additional Features. Click on the link below to view this site.

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Name Description Type
website features... 10 POP3 Email or Webmail Accounts
All websites come with 10 email addresses. You can choose to have these emails delivered to your PC through Outlook / Outlook Express (POP3) or access them on the move using our own Webmail package. standard feature
website features... Google Map
As standard we provide a large Google Map which users can scroll around and view in both standard and satellite map mode. standard feature
website features... 7-days per week Technical Support and Updates
Our excellent websites would be useless to you if we did not back them up with equally excellent support. Therefore, in addition to the Site Admin Section, all our customers get access to the UPDATE REQUEST TOOL - this is a live ticketing system which allows you to ask questions, get support or request changes to your website at any time. All normal changes are made within 5 working days. All urgent changes are made that day. standard feature
website features... Calendar of Meetings and Events
Our Calendar of Meetings and Events is a great way to publish information about upcoming events in the village. standard feature
website features... Content Management System (Site Admin Section)
Our award-winning Content Management System, called the Site Admin Section (SAS) allows you to log-in and update the important parts of your website whenever you want. Unbelievably simple to use and with a complete user-manual, the SAS has been built from the ground up JUST for Parish Councillors and Clerks to update their websites. standard feature
website features... Councillors' Details Editor
The Councillors Details Editor puts you in control of your contact details, by letting you add, edit or delete Councillors and their details. It even lets you include photos of the Councillors (where you think they might be appropriate!) standard feature
website features... Domain name (website address)
Your Domain Name is your website address. Current guidelines recommend a domain name of If you want a domain name, you may need to pay an additional charge to the UK Registrar of Domains. standard feature
website features... Fully Automated Site Monitoring
Our websites are monitored 24 hours per week, 365 days per year, using our very own automated warning service. If a Parish Council website is in any way compromised by hackers, we receive notifications as soon as any aspect of the site is changed using the Site Admin Section, thus prompting us to lock it down and secure the site. standard feature
website features... Live Local Travel Report Feeds
Our Local Travel Feeds beam live local information into your website, updated 24 hours a day. You do not need to do anything to keep it up to date - it does it all for you with information from the Highways Agency. standard feature
website features... Live Local Weather Feeds
Our Local Weather Feeds beam live local information into your website, updated 24 hours a day. You do not need to do anything to keep it up to date - it does it all for you with information from the BBC and the Met Office. standard feature
website features... Minutes and Agendas
The document archive has a separate page where visitors can access and download copies of minutes and agendas. standard feature
website features... News Editor
The News Editor lets you input short news stories from the local area, complete with photos, documents and flyers where appropriate. standard feature
website features... Secure Document Archive
You can upload Word or PDF documents to your website using our secure document archive. standard feature
website features... Unlimited Pages
We do not have page limits on any of our website packages. However, we do recommend that Parish Council websites are kept to a reasonable size. This is because it means that people will be able to find the information they require if it is concisely and easily laid out, and also because it means less administration work for you! standard feature
website features... Website Hosting
Our hosting package is extensive, and we do not carry a maximum file size, which means that you have no limits on the number of files and documents you can upload to your website. standard feature
website features... Website Links Editor
Our Links Editor lets you add, edit and delete links to local organisations, such as County, District or Borough Councils. It also lets you upload a small thumbnail image or logo where applicable. standard feature
website features... Local Directory
The Local Directory is a free feature with the Silver Package, and is a great way to organise and display clubs, societies, organisations and businesses in the local area. You can arrange the listings by user-defined categories and it is not uncommon to even charge local businesses for entry to the directory - perhaps recouping some of the cost of running the website for the Council. additional_standard feature
website features... A-Z / Services
The A-Z / Services feature lets you display, in alphabetical order, all the services that are provided by the Council, similar to the sort of search functions that you may have seen on local district or borough council websites. For obvious reasons, this is most popular with the larger Parish or Town Councils. additional feature
website features... Blogs
Blogs have been the growth phenomenon of the Internet in the last few years. You can also have a local village blog to appear on your website through a live feed if one exists additional feature
website features... Chairman / Mayor Reports
Reports are displayed in date order, and there are no limits to how many you can have. We can also provide separate login details to your Chairman / Mayor so that they can add and edit reports themselves. additional feature
website features... Community Pages Editor
This is a very exciting new feature which lets you create user accounts for members of the local community to update their own pages on the website (under a central system called 'Community Pages'). Community Users can change their passwords; update page content including adding images or uploading documents, and can even create sub-pages for their particular section.

NOTE - Due to additional resources required to set-up and manage this feature, a further additional surcharge of £100 is payable when selected. However, you will be retained on the package level you choose.
additional feature
website features... Councillors' Private / Secure Login Area
We can install a feature which is password-protected to only allow Councillors or the Clerk access. additional feature
website features... Discussion Forum
Discussion Forums are large, powerful and complex applications, but they are a great way to invite communication and interaction with the local community. However, owing to the extra work due to security issues inherent in running a successful Discussion Forum, we can only offer this feature on our Gold Packages. additional feature
website features... Email-a-Friend
The Email-a-Friend tool lets visitors enter up to two email addresses of their choice. A message inviting the recipients to visit your website is then sent out to these email addresses, helping to publicise your website (without you even doing anything!) additional feature
website features... Flash Clock
This is a really clever feature which sits in the header of the website to show visitors the precise time, very similar to the much-loved clock on the BBC website. additional feature
website features... Frequently Asked Questions / Knowledgebase
You can have a database of FAQs and answers available on your site. As with all our features, you have complete control over the updating of this section. additional feature
website features... Homepage Ticker
The Homepage Ticker is simple scrolling text that you can add, edit or remove yourself using the Site Admin Section. You can use it to display important notices or upcoming events. Alternatively, we can set it so that the scrolling text is actually selected headlines from your News Editor, which when clicked will take you to the full news story. additional feature
website features... 2 x Ordnance Survey Maps
We can provide 2 x Ordnance Survey maps which when clicked show in more detail, and can also be downloaded and printed as  PDF for use offline. additional feature
website features... Live website Statistics
We can provide live website statistics, or even have a PDF summary report emailed to you every month, including details such as what are the most popular pages and how people found out about your website. additional feature
website features... Online Consultations Editor
This feature lets you place a number of consulations for the local community, including consultation documents and summaries. Visitors can then leave their responses which will be automatically sent to the Clerk as an email. additional feature
website features... Online Contact Form
The Online Contact Form lets visitors complete a website form, which will then automatically generate an email which is sent to you or any email address you may designate. additional feature
website features... Online Newsletter
This feature lets visitors REGISTER THEIR EMAIL with your website, so that when you have a new electronic newsletter to upload, you can, at the press of a button, automatically tell all the subscribers that the new newsletter is available to download from the website. additional feature
website features... Photo Gallery
The Photo Gallery gives you the ability to create new galleries and upload as many photos as you want. additional feature
website features... Planning Applications Listing Tool
This feature lets you post details of planning applications that affect the Parish area. You can include details such as the address, the proposal, any submission dates and even direct web-links through to the local district or borough council planning portal. additional feature
website features... Special Maps
If you have local amenities or features around the village that you want shown on a map, we can create a bespoke large satellite map with all your amenities or points of interest identified by colour or marker. additional feature
website features... Upcoming Events
This is a bolt-on to the standard Calendar application which lets you input additional information such as photos or documents. The data is shown in the standard calendar part of the live website, but a new icon will appear which lets users see all the additional contnet. additional feature
website features... Village Hall Booking
These forms are excellent for booking village halls, fetes or other facilities and events in the local area. They are also fully customisable to include whatever information you require, and can include a separate calendar to show when the hall is available. additional feature
website features... Visitor Counter
Our Homepage Visitor Counter shows the number of people who have visited your website on the homepage, and is updated live every time a new person visits the site. additional feature
website features... Walks Editor
Many Councils like to include details of local walks. The Walks Editor is a new feature which shows all the walks in one place, and can include photos, documents and detailed instructions. additional feature
website features... Youth Section
This section lets you communicate with the young people in your local community, by inviting them to contribute and add content to the website (at your full discretion of course!) through special news stories, images and documents. additional feature
website features... OTHER FEATURES - You tell us what you want your site to do...
Our list of additional features is non-exhaustive. If you cannot see what you want here, please let us know, and we can build it for you as one of your additional package features - all at no extra cost! additional feature